Friday, October 20, 2017

Your Government Will Steal Your Shit

Your government will take $58000 dollars.  Your life savings!  Without bothering to charge you with a crime, mainly due to the inconvenient fact THAT YOU DIDN'T COMMIT ONE!!

Now this lady was almost criminally naive, but she met all the requirements to get her $41,000 back and the government is continuing to hold it.

That said, she was traveling with money to build a clinic in Nigeria to provide free health care to poor people, and the government STILL tried to steal her money!

Own a cab?  Give a ride to a criminal?  Bye-bye cab.
Governments are using Civil Asset Forfeiture as a revenue stream.  It is STEALING:

There's a lot more to say on the subject of Civil Asset Forfeiture, but, for now, AG Sessions is making sure no reform is left intact.

They will steal $59,000 from you because you deposited it in the bank wrong:

They stole $4,000,000,000 in 2015!

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