Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Your Government Pisses Me Off - That Doesn't Mean This Family Doesn't As Well

The article below details the arrest, detention and eventual death of a severely mentally ill, intellectually challenged homeless man for pointing his finger at police officers in a police station in a threatening manner. The behavior of the police and prison officials is unconscionable and indicative of a callous disregard for human life and dignity.

That a family that neglected this man just as severely is now self-righteously suing the city and may enrich themselves as a result of Your Government's behavior pisses me off even more.

I understand the monumental difficulties of dealing with a family member with severe disabilities, especially if you are of limited means. But the fact that he spent a year in jail physically deteriorating and his family apparently couldn't be bothered to check on him and realize that finding $100 for a bail bondsman to cover the $1000 bail and save his life ticks me off. The fact that NOW, when there is money to be made, they are sanctimonious aggrieved family members is incredibly hypocritical. I sincerely hope they plan on donating any winnings to charity...

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