Thursday, October 19, 2017

Your Government Wants You Talking About Calls to Widows...

and not about what the fuck special forces were doing in Niger, who approved it, how long they've been there, what the fuck the plan is, and how the fuck they got ambushed.

No, just keep bitching about insensitive phone calls based on eavesdropped conversations, partial quotes, and obfuscation about what Presidents called what widows.

Politicians REALLY, REALLY want you to conflate this with Benghazi for political points, but the only similarity is that it's part of an incoherent policy of military intervention:

Used to be we had to manufacture a war every few years to maintain and expand government power.  Now we have the "Forever War":

They surely don't want you thinking about whether or not our military interventions are incompetent, or if they are lying to us about them.

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