Friday, October 20, 2017

Your Government Wants You Talking About the NFL and Kneeling...

...instead of how they fuck you over and over and over...

I despised Kaepernick and what he was doing because his message was a mess, the pig socks, the Fidel shirts, the stupid statements.  When others joined in, I felt they were more on message about a very real problem.  I still didn't like the kneeling, but I don't like the NFL fake patriotism either.  When a President decides to become a bully and try to threaten people and organizations into doing what he wants (really he's just virtue signaling for political gain), I start to side with the players unequivocally.  If you want to see me do something, try bullying me into not doing it.  I would probably kneel myself at this point if I was in the NFL.

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