Friday, October 20, 2017

Your Government Lets Police and Prosecutors Get Away With Murder

"Roughly an hour after he arrived, Roper “moved into the street,” which was closed to traffic in order “to photograph and video record the police action from a different perspective”. Sometime thereafter, defendant Inspector Timothy Beaudette ordered the protestors to move from the street to the sidewalk. As the result of barricades and a “wall of NYPD officers,” Roper was unable to access the sidewalk in order to comply with the order. Roper heard an NYPD supervisor instruct his officers to “[j]ust take somebody and put them in handcuffs.” One of the  officers then arrested Roper for “standing in the street,” and placed him in plastic “flex-cuffs.”"

"The Justice Department was caught in another high-profile travesty last month that continues to reverberate through the western states. On Dec. 20, federal judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial in the case against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and others after prosecutors were caught withholding massive amounts of evidence undermining federal charges. This is the latest in a long series of federal law enforcement debacles that have spurred vast distrust of Washington."


"The Bundys have long claimed the feds were on a vendetta against them, and 3,300 pages of documents the Justice Department wrongfully concealed from their lawyers provides smoking guns that buttress their case."

The world of police and prosecutors have essentially manufactured entire systems of evidence and "science" tilting the playing field away from the presumption of innocence.  14 people have been put to death based on science they now admit was bullshit:

The key point in this story is that students get up to $6,000 after essentially being sexually assaulted by police officers, and no one went to jail for the assaults.  From the story: "According to the suit, deputies "touched and manipulated students' breasts and genitals" and "inserted fingers inside girls' bras." The suit also alleged that the searches revealed the students’ body parts."

Four-part series on Chicago police corruption:

If a police officer is so scared of a white woman on a bike that he has to handcuff scared would he be of someone else?

Seriously fucked up...a DA fails to disclose information to the defense that he is required to.  The defense tries to get a new trial,  the court says no, but the name of the DA is in the denial.  The DA's office GOES BACK TO COURT TO GET THE DA'S NAME REMOVED!  Because we wouldn't want people to know he's crooked...THE COURT AGREES!

The Nurse Incident:

This section might be a really long one, and a theme you will see will be one of not just the tragedy of a dead or battered police victim, but the way the system protects them from any real consequences.  Another theme will be how "brave" police officers are terrified of the slightest threat.  Brave men and women would take the extra second, despite the risk, to ensure an innocent person lives.  That's bravery.

Especially in Chicago:

They'll kill you even after you've been tased.  They'll acquit the officer, fire her, and then re-hire her:

Cameras aren't going to fix the problem.  This one is a must-read.  SHG knows his shit and has written on this subject extensively (and with serious dark humor).

South Carolina at least manages to convict a guy...but it was pretty cut and dried...

Your police will claim a handcuffed teenager "consented":

Police Road Rage is Okay:

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