Saturday, October 22, 2022

China Just Doesn't Give a Shit

The Headline: China anger over death of girl, 14, sent to Covid quarantine

The link:

A summary: "Guo Jingjing, 14, developed a fever two days after being taken to the centre in Ruzhou, Henan province last Friday.

Videos of her shaking and convulsing on a bed sparked an outcry online in China which retains strict pandemic controls.

Her family had shared the clips, appealing for help and accountability.

Officials contacted by the BBC have yet to comment on the allegations or the cause of Guo Jingjing's death, which remains unclear.

In his video, her father Guo Lele said workers at the centre had failed to provide any treatment to Jingjing as her condition worsened."

Of course, everything about this is being aggressively censored.

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