Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Your Government Will Rip Children Away From Their Parents

and not just Trump.

Someday I think we will figure out that a lot of the sexism, racism, ism-ism's that remain actually have very little to do with race and gender. I am really starting to believe that it's about power and control. People with power have very little ability to control themselves from abusing it. Even petty little things like in a household or a schoolyard. Even at a workplace between a minor supervisor and a regular worker petty abuses can appear.

When you're poor, these abuses occur almost every minute of the day. Even when you are in the office of the so-called benevolent government who is supposed to be helping you the little abuses pile up. Like no chairs at the SNAP office. Incredibly long waits to see rude people who look down on you.

And then, after hours of waiting with your one-year old, you sit on the floor. Then the full power and weight of the State comes down upon you. Ripping your child from you and sending you to jail for 1: Sitting, and 2: Not being 100% compliant with abuse from the state.

That's right, argue even the slightest, get mad at outrageous behavior and they will rip your child away and throw you in jail.

A quote from the linked article exposes the hypocrisy better than I can:

"The New York Times takes progressive NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to task for being too de Blasio:

“The most sacred duty of government is to protect people,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “especially defenseless children. There is nothing more barbaric than separating children from their parents. There is no excuse for this horror and certainly no reason.”

Strong words, except they were twitted in response to Trump, to ICE. To the NYPD, BdB was slightly less forceful.

It was only several hours later that he tweeted about the video, calling it “a disturbing incident.”
“Like anyone who’s watched this video, I have a lot of questions about how this was handled,” he wrote, adding that the city agencies involved would “get to the bottom” of what happened."

What a load of crap:

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